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August 2016
  • “Two-thirds of young African-Americans and 4 in 10 Hispanics say that they or someone they know has experienced violence or harassment at the hands of the police, according to a new GenForward poll. That includes about 2 in 10 in each group who say that was a personal experience.” – Associated Press, August 4, 2016
  • The 13th Annual “Hispanic Fact Pack” published by Advertising Age August 1 listed the “50 largest spenders in Hispanic media.” The top three and their 2015 spending amounts were: Genomma Lab Internacional, $428 million; Procter & Gamble Co.; $316 million, and Dish Network Corp., $165 million.
  • Univision made the winning bid of $135 million for Gawker Media, “whose fierce independence afforded it an unsparing approach to web journalism,” but also crushed itself “under financial pressure from a $140 million legal judgment in an invasion-of-privacy lawsuit brought by Hulk Hogan, the former professional wrestler.” – New York Times, August 17 and 18, 2016
  • Tennis player Monica Puig became the first Puerto Rican to win an Olympic gold medal representing her island. “Ranked 34th in the world entering the tournament, Puig (22) has never advanced to the quarter finals of a major and has not reached the round of 16 in one since 2013. An anticipated star as a teen, Puig’s breakout came later than expected, but at a perfect moment for a territory in need of joy.” – Washington Post, August 13, 2016
  • Carlos Slim, who for more than a quarter century “has dictated the terms of Mexico’s telecommunications industry and built an empire, making him one of the world’s richest men,” has become a target of the country’s three biggest political parties putting aside their differences to enact increasing competition that’s “starting to bite.” – New York Times, August 10, 2016
  • Venezuela was once Latin America’s exemplar,” reported the August 22 issue of Time. “Now, after years of political mismanagement and months in economic collapse, it is the region’s cautionary tale.”
  • The Brazilian Senate voted 59 to 21 “to hold an impeachment trial of suspended President Dilma Rousseff, who is accused of breaking the budget law.” The senate suspended Rousseff in May over alleged illegal accounting practices. A two-thirds majority is needed in the final vote to find her guilty and removed from office. – BBC News, August 10, 2016
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