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March 2018
  • “Ripped Apart, The Cost of America’s Immigration Crackdown” was the cover story in the March 19 issue of Time. “While President Obama told ICE to focus on violent offenders and recent border crossers, among others, President Trump has cast a much wider net. In early 2017, his Administration issued a series of edicts to ICE agents, prosecutors and immigration judges: any and all of the estimated 11 million people in the country illegally are now a priority for deportation.”
  • “The 90th Academy Awards saw Latin American artists and films take home some of the most coveted Oscars. Mexico’s Guillermo del Toro won best director and his ‘The Shape of Water’ took the top honor for best film. Chile’s ‘A Fantastic Woman’ was named best foreign language film and its star Daniela Vega became the first openly transgender woman to present at the ceremony. ‘Coco,’ a film with a Mexican Day of the Dead theme, won best animated feature.” – BBC News, March 5, 2018
  • Bracing against Trump, governments across Latin America “began forging closer commercial ties with one another and paring back some of their own protectionist policies, embarking on a course reminiscent of what the United States itself had proposed in the 1990s but which failed to materialize: a free trade area reaching from Canada to Chile.” – The New York Times, March 19, 2018
  • Joaquin Avila, a lawyer and civil rights advocate who helped level barriers that kept Hispanic-Americans from voting, getting jobs and going to school, died on March 9 at his home in Shoreline, Wash., near Seattle. He was 69.” The Yale- and Harvard educated son of Mexican immigrants served as president and general counsel of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund and later as the director of the National Voting Rights Advocacy Initiative at Seattle University School of Law. – The New York Times, March 19, 2018
  • “Alphabet’s Google said (March 13) that it will launch a network of free Wi-Fi hotspots across Mexico, part of the search giant’s effort to improve connectivity in emerging markets and put its products in the hands of more users.” – Reuters, March 14, 2018
  • Archbishop Óscar Romero, who was killed in 1980 while he was celebrating Mass in El Salvador, will be declared a saint, Pope Francis has announced,” BBC News reported March 7. “Romero is revered in his native El Salvador for denouncing repression.”
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